Workshop in Composition

ENGCMP 0150 Workshop in Composition
This course is designed to give students who have had limited experience with writing an opportunity to increase their control of written language and their confidence in performing academic inquiry, analysis, and argument. Students write in response to weekly assignments, and instruction focuses on helping students to extend, revise, and edit their work. At the end of the term, students submit a portfolio of essays (including one in-class essay) for review by a faculty committee.

Students who are placed into ENGCMP 0150 Workshop in Composition (or equivalent) must pass the class with a minimum grade of C- prior to enrolling in ENGCMP 0200. 

Teachers may recommend that students also register for EMGCMP 0151 Workshop Tutorial, which provides two additional credits to go to the Writing Center for weekly tutorials. You can read about Workshop Tutorial on the Writing Center site.