Seminar in Composition

Most undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh are required to take Seminar in Composition (SC). SC is offered under several different course numbers:

  • ENGCMP 0200 Seminar in Composition
  • ENGCMP 0203 Seminar in Composition: Gender Studies
  • ENGCMP 0205 Seminar in Composition: Film
  • ENGCMP 0207 Seminar in Composition: Education
  • ENGCMP 0208 Seminar in Composition: Service-Learning  Read more>
  • ENGCMP 0212 Seminar in Composition: Topics in Diversity Read more>
  • ENGCMP 0213 Seminar in Composition: Disability Studies Read more>
  • For Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences first-year students only: FP 0003 First-Year Seminar or FP 0006 (You can browse specific course topics on the First-Year Seminar page.)
  • For students in the Swanson School of Engineering only: ENGCMP 0210 Seminar in Composition: Engineering.

To excel in your academic career and beyond, you must develop sound writing, reading, and discussion skills. SC has been designed to help undergraduates who are beginning their work at the University become more engaged, imaginative, and disciplined composers. Your SC experiences will better equip you to handle complex subjects thoughtfully and to use sources responsibly. Even if you have already had considerable writing experience in high school, you will encounter new challenges in SC as a writer, reader, and thinker. Honors College sections are available for students with strong basic skills who are seeking a more intensive Seminar in Composition experience.

To be prepared for SC, you must demonstrate the ability to compose reasonably correct prose and the organizational skills required to write a coherent essay of several well-developed paragraphs. SC requires familiarity with the basic conventions of edited written English, but does not assume you already have a full understanding of all the intricacies of grammar, punctuation, and organization.

To learn more about SC, browse these pages, which answer frequently asked questions: