Teaching and Tutoring

If you are an undergraduate who wants to acquire some first-hand experience in teaching, you have several options. All such experiential learning in the Composition program must comply with the Guidelines for Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Teaching Experience. These guidelines will also help you to determine how many credits should be awarded for the experience.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship

You can work with an individual faculty member who wants a teaching assistant by using the ENGCMP 1901 UTA: Teaching and Tutoring Writing course number. Most often, you will be helping to support a class you took previously. To pursue this option, have a conversation with the faculty member you would like to work with, then obtain a form from the English Advising Office, which both you and the instructor will complete and sign. When you return it to English Advising, one of the advisors will assign it a “class number” (a five-digit number for registration purposes), and give you a permission number for self-enrollment.

Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship

The University Honors College administers the Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowships, which award students $800 for joint student-faculty teaching projects. These fellowships are designed to enrich course offerings and to improve teaching through faculty-UTA collaboration in the planning and implementation of creative teaching projects. The fellowships are available for one term, either fall or spring. See the CUTF page for application details and deadlines.

Peer Tutoring in the Writing Center

Tutoring for the University Writing Center is a rewarding experience for anyone interested in the teaching of writing, literacy, editing and publishing, and working one-on-one with fellow students and writers. To become a peer tutor, you should

  1. Enroll in the course ENGCMP 1210, Tutoring Peer Writers, offered in the Fall semester.
  2. Enroll as a Peer Intern in the Writing Center (using the ENGCMP 1901 course number) in the Spring semester for three credits.

The following year, you may apply for employment in the Writing Center for pay but not credit. For more information, visit the Writing Center's peer tutoring page.