ENGCMP 1111 Professional Writing in Global Contexts

ENGCMP 1111 Professional Writing in Global Contexts is designed to help students from across the University improve their understanding of cultures, diversity, and international relations. This class satisfies the Writing requirement. The course has two primary focal points:
  • learning how to communicate in International English with people for whom English isn’t their first language, and 
  • doing an in-depth study of a country of the student’s choice with an eye to maybe working there or with people from there some day. 
Other projects involve analyzing and creating documents in International English and an international resume and cover letter. The course also includes information about how to work with audiences here in the United States that come from other countries and cultures. 
Students can take the course for four credits instead of three by adding a service-learning component that involves spending one hour a week with an international conversation partner in an introductory Seminar in Comp course. They meet weekly, practice International English skills and attend events together. The larger group, 28 last spring, held a kick-off breakfast, shared a two-hour wrap-up luncheon at a Chinese restaurant, and maintained a class blog.
Students work on a range of projects that they can customize to fit their interests. For example:
  • A student interested in embassy work created a project to train new employees at the US Embassy in Paris.
  • A student created a major project that included an exchange program between a US Biology class and one in India.
  • An alumna was just hired to work with a company with a great international profile. Her interviewers were especially interested in the project she created for this class. They even asked her to email it to them after the interview.

Students have used Global Contexts to get international jobs, ESL teaching positions, nonprofit jobs with refugees, and other positions that require a global focus.