Alumni Voices

“I am a proud graduate of the PPW program. I know the 'real-world' skills from the program allowed me to obtain the role I'm in today. I hope that future students take full advantage of the classes and the great professors the PPW program has to offer. Hail to Pitt!” Kristen Swinehart, 2011, Marketing Executive, Aberdeen Asset Management

“The PPW program produced some of my favorite classroom memories...for all those currently in the program, rest assured that 1) there are jobs out there, and 2) you will be using these skills on a daily basis once you leave.” Chris Salera, 2010, Associate, Cohen & Grigsby

“Completing the challenging PPW program provided me with invaluable skills that I apply to my job every day. My favorite memories of the program were during the courses where we were able to mix design and writing to create our own original pieces. Special thanks to Pam O’Brien and Jean Grace for making class fun!” Christina Colalillo, 2009, Corporate Communication Coordinator, Range Resources

“Pursuing a PPW Certificate was the best academic decision I made as an undergrad. The different types of writing I was exposed to helped make me a better writer overall and made me a more valuable asset within the Navy. I encourage anyone wishing to go into the public relations, marketing or communications industry to join the PPW program. It will be your biggest asset upon graduation.” Alison Maruca, 2007, Public Affairs Officer, US Navy Reserve;  Director of Outreach at United Way of South Hampton Roads

"Enrolling in the Public and Professional Writing program was the best decision I made at Pitt. The program helped me acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for my career and allowed me to get started in a real-world setting through an internship. I’m proud to have been one of the first students to earn this certificate. I don’t know where I’d be without it." Jon Ebel, 2005, Communications Manager, Asbury Heights

“Choosing to pursue the PPW Certificate was the best decision I made for my education and for my own professional development. The program enhanced multiple facets of my writing and my life. Each course contributed to developing my own perspective on communication and design for the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose the PPW program as part of my college career.” Rebecca Lehner, 2009, Senior Organizational Change Management Consultant, The MITRE Corporation

"As an attorney, I truly believe that my PPW certificate has enhanced, and will continue to enhance, my career. To date, some three years later, I still hear the words of my professors in my ears each time that I write. Many people in today's world lack the fundamental etiquette of writing in a professional setting. The skills gained from this program come into play on a daily basis and have allowed me to distinguish myself from my peers. The PPW program affords a very transferable, versatile skill set that is invaluable, and will help anyone stand out in their career! It is by far the most practical thing that I did during my educational career." Marissa M. Hill, Esq., 2012, Associate Attorney, Randy S. Margullis & Associates

“As a fiction writing major, the PPW program helped to diversify my writing skills and prepare me for work in the ‘real world.’” Elizabeth Petoniak, 2013, Senior Editor, Palm Beach Illustrated

“I found PPW a very challenging but rewarding experience. I learned not only how to refine my writing skills, but also how to use programs like Adobe InDesign. I best remember Pam's Professional Writing in Global Contexts, where we learned to write for non-English speaking audiences.” Christopher Saunders, 2007, Customer Service Representative, UPMC, and freelance writer