The Requirement

For what courses is SC a prerequisite?

Seminar in Composition is a prerequisite for the two writing intensive (W) courses all Arts and Sciences students are required to take. You will take at least one of these courses in your major, but can select the other from the wide variety of W-courses offered in departments across Arts and Sciences. Seminar in Composition is also a prerequisite for advanced composition courses, including those offered in the Public and Professional Writing Program, as well as for all courses in the English majors.

Can a student be exempted from the SC requirement?

Exemptions from SC are made infrequently and cautiously. 

Will a student exempted from SC have the proper foundation for upper-level courses?

Upper-level courses require greater proficiency in critical inquiry and writing technique. This proficiency depends not only on knowledge of basic grammar and punctuation, but also on familiarity with structural patterns that promote development of ideas and fluent handling of multiple sources. Because internalizing all this requires extended practice and well-developed habits of revision, most undergraduates can benefit from the writing opportunities SC provides. Students with strong basic skills who are seeking a more intensive Seminar in Composition experience should consider the Honors College sections.