Khirsten L. Scott


Assistant Professor


Khirsten L. Scott is an Assistant Professor of English with a speciality in Black rhetoric and public writing.

She actively contributed to the Routledge Reader of African American Rhetoric and has co-authored publications around the rhetoric of blackness in digital spaces and multimodality. Khirsten has taught a range of courses in writing and rhetoric focused on hip hop writing and African American rhetorical traditions. Her research lies at the intersections of cultural rhetorics, namely African American rhetoric, historiography, and digital humanities. Specifically, her work is centered on HBCU communities and the rhetorical affordances of institutional narratives for revisionist presentations of HBCU histories. Her current project challenges top-down presentations of HBCU narratives by exploring revisionist approaches to the institutional narrative genre through student newspaper publications.

She is a co-founder of DBLAC, a digital network and learning community of Black graduate students in composition, literature, and literacy studies.