Jordan Hayes


Visiting Lecturer


Jordan Hayes is a visiting lecturer in Composition. He received his PhD from Pitt after completing a dissertation on “trajectories of belonging." The project used a transnational literacy studies framework to engage issues of migration, intersectionality, technology, infrastructure, and affect in the case of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Jordan came to Pitt with an MA in English Literature and graduate certificates in writing and post-secondary reading pedagogy from San Francisco State University. You may have met him in the role of Composition Program Assistant last year.

Jordan has designed several courses in which students collaborate to produce online publications for public audiences. As a fellow with the Stanford Human Rights Education Initiative, for example, he developed human rights-themed writing classes in which students produced web-based texts on issues of their choice. More recently, he collaborated with Pitt faculty to create a public-facing writing assignment sequence for use in teaching the Politics of Human Rights. Jordan’s FYC classes at Pitt culminate in his students’ revision of an ongoing online guide to the “writing moves” they discover in the genres explored throughout the class, including listicles/lexica, food narratives, researched political arguments, digital remediations of those written genres, and map-based compositions.

He recently taught English as a second language in Iraq, and is scheduled to return in 2021 to complete (Im)Possible Homes, a participatory media-gathering research collaboration with members of the Syrian refugee community and architecture faculty at Dohuk Polytechnic University in Dohuk, Iraq.