The Pedagogy Committee's Innovative Course Showcase

Framed Cathy

The Pedagogy Committee welcomes you to a Course Innovation Showcase on Monday, April 25 from 10:30am to 12 noon via Zoom. This showcase will feature brief presentations from faculty teaching innovative course designs (new courses or reinterpretations of longstanding courses). 

Presenters will be Peter Trachtenberg (ENGWRT 1501 Topics in Nonfiction: Bearing Witness to Trauma), Nathan Koob (ENGFLM 1760 Cinema & Video Games), Daniel McMillan (ENGCMP 0435 The Public Athlete), Sam Pittman (ENGCMP 0540 Intro to Disability Studies), and Carol Bove (ENGLIT 0610 Women and Literature, Black Women and Abjection). 

Event Flyer