Help and Support

What forms of extra help are available for Seminar in Composition students?

The Composition Program considers support a high priority and encourages you to seek guidance outside the classroom.  In addition to meeting with your instructor during regular office hours, you can make appointments at other times, as schedules allow.  Consultants are also available at the Writing Center to provide individual assistance with any aspect of writing.  Although Writing Center consultants will not edit your work, they can help you strengthen your writing by focusing on specific questions and concerns; by reviewing conventions for grammar and punctuation as well as options for structure and analysis; and by teaching valuable self-editing techniques.

Is special assistance available if English is a student’s second language?

If your native language is not English, two support options are available: taking ESL Workshop in Composition (ENGCMP 0152) before Seminar in Composition or taking SC while also meeting regularly with an ESL-trained consultant at the Writing Center. Based on your placement essay, an advisor will recommend the appropriate option.

What provisions can be made for a student with a disability likely to affect work for SC?

If you have a disability likely to affect your work for SC, you should consult the Disabilities Resources and Services Office (DRS) before beginning the course.  The staff can help you document eligibility for disability services and determine reasonable accommodations for a particular course, such as extended due dates for writing assignments, sign language interpreters for classes, and weekly support meetings. When classes begin, you should also let your instructor know what challenges you face and what support you have arranged.  The DRS staff will provide a Notification of Disability Memo for you to deliver to your instructor.