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PPW and English/Film Studies Majors

Enhance your degree with the Public and Professional Writing Certificate!

If you are a Literature, Writing, or Film Studies Major, you can count one of the courses you take in your major toward the PPW Certificate.

  • Internships are available and recommended.
  • Most PPW classes allow you to create and polish work samples for your portfolio.
  • Students can elect to complete service-learning credit by volunteering in the community.
  • Many courses offer instruction in digital media.

Students must complete a total of six courses:

  • One approved course in the English or Film Studies major (see list below or speak with the director of PPW)
  • One 400-level PPW class (Writing for the Legal Professions, Writing for the Public, or Written Professional Communication)
  • Two 1000-level PPW courses (such as Grant and Proposal Writing, Language of Business and Industry, Public Relations Writing, Creative and Corporate Writing, Professional Uses of Social Media, Language of Science and Technology. See the complete list.)
  • Two additional PPW classes from the 400 level or higher.

Courses That Count

Literature Majors Writing Majors Film Studies Majors

Narrative and Technology

How to Do Things with Literature

Literature and Medicine

Working Class Literature

Secret Pittsburgh

Science Writing

Intermediate Nonfiction

Journalism Boot Camp

Writing the Review

Sentence Shop

Writer’s Journal

Literary Journals and Online Publishing

Writing Politics

Film Analysis

World Film History