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Course Offerings

To earn the PPW Certificate, you must complete six approved courses (18 credits).

You must take at least one of these courses:

ENGCMP 0400 Written Professional Communication
ENGCMP 0410 Writing in the Legal Professions
ENGCMP 0420 Writing for the Public

You also need at least two 1000-level courses from the below list. The remaining nine credits can come from the 400-, 500-, 600-, or 1000-levels.

ENGCMP 0510 Narratives of the Workplace
ENGCMP 0515 Persuasive Writing in Advertising and Fundraising
ENGCMP 0520 Integrating Writing and Design
ENGCMP 0530 Writing for the Sciences
ENGCMP 0535 Writing in the Health Science Professions
ENGCMP 0550 Topics in Public and Professional Writing
ENGCMP 0560 Writing Arguments
ENGCMP 0600 Introduction to Technical Writing
ENGCMP 0610 Composing Digital Media
ENGCMP 0641 Writing for Change
ENGCMP 1100 Language of Business & Industry
ENGCMP 1101 Language of Science and Technology
ENGCMP 1102 Language of Medicine
ENGCMP 1103 Public Relations Writing
ENGCMP 1104 Creative Corporate Writing
ENGCMP 1111 Professional Writing in Global Contexts
ENGCMP 1112 Professional Uses of Social Media
ENGCMP 1151 Professional Editing in Context
ENGCMP 1250 Advanced Topics in Public and Professional Writing
ENGCMP 1400 Grant and Proposal Writing
ENGCMP 1410 Advanced Research and Documentary Writing
ENGCMP 1900 Internship: Public and Professional Writing
ENGCMP 1902 Independent Study in PPW
ENGCMP 1903 Service-Learning Seminar in PPW

Some other courses offered by the English department may be eligible. Check with the director about specific courses.

For CBA students only, we will count BUSORG 1101 Fundamentals of Business Communication toward the PPW Certificate. If you want to count BUSORG 1101 toward the Certificate, please don't take ENGCMP 0400 as well, since they are similar in focus.

You can read short generic descriptions of the PPW courses >

Petitioning for Other Courses to Count

Students may petition for courses in other departments or courses taken at other colleges to count toward the certificate. Up to six credits may be accepted, provided the student can show that the course work was equivalent to the kind of work done in our courses. Good candidates for eligibility include courses in which professional discourse is a key concern and courses in which the content is in part directed toward writing (rather than being simply a course with a discrete writing component). Please download the petition form (you'll need a pdf reader like Acrobat), complete it, attach materials, and send it to

Public and Professional Writing Certificate
Department of English
University of Pittsburgh
526 Cathedral of Learning
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If you have questions, e-mail ppw@pitt.edu.