Alexander Malanych


Teaching Fellow
CL 526
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I hail originally from Connecticut by way of Burlington, Vermont where I got my master’s and taught composition to STEM students at UVM. My research tends to revolve around religious and queer rhetorics as well as how the body fits into writing. Particularly, I am interested in approaching rhetoric and composition from a Jewish perspective and trying to figure out how queer religious communities compose themselves historically, hermeneutically, pedagogically, digitally—even grammatically. 

My most recent work looks at how queer Jews engage with liturgy and what that might say about our understanding of “persuasion.” I am also putting together a presentation about RuPaul’s Drag Race and grammar pedagogy, arguing that grammar might very well be a “drag” (in the non-pejorative sense of the word). 

Feel free to check out my (ever-evolving) website!