Workshop: Revision, Remediation, Iteration: Beyond "Drafting” for Composition Pedagogy

November 10, 2016 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Giving the space for students to revise, rewrite, and re-imagine the writing projects they produce in our classes is of great importance--so much so that revision is included in our shared goals and objectives to signal to students that it is a central practice and subject for all composition courses. But what does revision actually look like in our classes? How do we talk about it, and how do we teach it? How might we make revision as a subject of our classes more visible through in-class activities, assignment information, and syllabi?


This round-table and workshop is geared toward revising revision, that is, (re)considering revision as not only a process that happens outside of class as students write en route to a “final draft,” but as a substantive writing practice that requires substantive attention in class, and that happens between and across projects. We’ll begin by hearing from a few instructors (Moriah Purdy, Noel Tague, and Laura Feibush) who will share an example from their own teaching, and then we’ll open up to participants for broader discussion and brainstorming.


** This discussion will be fueled by your presence and a light lunch **




Location and Address

Cathedral of Learning, 501