Assignment Development & Design Roundtable

February 23, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

Designing writing assignments, and the accompanying instructions, can sometimes be one of the most challenging components of teaching a writing intensive course. What do you take into account when prompting students to write? How do the thematic and pragmatic concerns of the course factor and figure in instructions? How do we find the right balance between giving enough information without the risk of overwhelming students or saying too much? How do we leave assignments open enough for exploration, but narrow enough to encourage complexity and focus?

This roundtable discussion is geared toward the problem-solving that goes into assignment development and design. We’ll hear from graduate student representatives from each of the department’s programs (John Taylor from film, Alex Malanych from comp/rhet, Marlee Fuhrmann from lit, and Stephanie Cawley from the writing program) who will offer examples of assignments from their teaching, and then we’ll open up the floor for broader participation, discussion, and dialogue.

Location and Address

Cathedral of Learning Room 342