Alumni News: Where Are They Now?

Alumni News - Where Are They Now?

Many of our recent alumni who have completed dissertations this past year have been up to some exciting things and working in exciting places. Laura Feibush is now an assistant professor of English at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. Be sure to check out Laura's recent publication in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. Just a state over in Ohio, Kyle Winkler is now an assistant professor at Kent State University-Tuscarawas. Keep an eye out for a piece by Kyle in a future issue of Composition Forum. Meanwhile, much more than a state over, Matthew Overstreet is continuing as an assistant professor at the New Economic School in Moscow, Russia. Carrie Hall is now an assistant professor at City College of Technology in Brooklyn, NY. Finally, Noel Tague is now a visiting lecturer here at the University of Pittsburgh. Noel is currently the interim associate director of composition for the Fall semester here at Pitt.

In 2017, we had several graduate students complete their dissertations and embark on their careers elsewhere. Kerry Banazek is continuing as an assistant professor of English at New Mexico State University. Sam Hamilton is continuing as an assistant professor at Bridgewater College (VA). Sam had two pieces accepted based on writing he had done while at Pitt. One piece entitled “Arranging What We’ve Always Known” was published in Writing on the Edge for the Spring 2018 issue, and a second, “Reflection In/On Digital Writing Pedagogy, 2010-2017”, will come out in Computers and Composition in their Spring 2019 issue. Matt Kelly is an assistant professor of Digital Rhetoric and Online Writing in the Department of Literature and Languages at the University of Texas – Tyler. Tara Propper is also at the University of Texas – Tyler, working as a senior lecturer in the Department of Literature and Languages at the University of Texas – Tyler (Tara turned down a position at SUNY Plattsburgh). 

We also have a few updates on some other alumni. 

Peter Moe is continuing as an assistant professor of English and Director of Campus Writing at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, WA. Peter has recently published pieces in Rhetoric Society Quarterly and College Composition and Communication. He has articles on sentence-level pedagogy forthcoming in Composition Studies, Teaching English in the Two-Year CollegeReader, and Style. He's also currently working on a book about whales, called Touching This Leviathan, and he's written a short essay drawn from it, "How to Build a Whale." 

Pamela VanHaitsma, one of our PhDs previously at Old Dominion University, is now an assistant professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State and associate director of the Center for Humanities and Information. Her book, Queering Romantic Engagement in the Postal Age: A Rhetorical Education, is forthcoming with the University of South Carolina Press in 2019.

Danielle Koupf has also changed jobs: she is now an assistant teaching professor, Writing Program, Wake Forest University. On the opposite coast, Dan Barlow is continuing as an assistant professor of English at Saddleback College in California. He won the James Phelan Prize for Best Essay in the journal Narrative